System: Open Loop
Dimensions: 1660 x Ø540 mm
Weight: 64 kg (147 lb)
Working Pressure: 6 bar
Test Pressure: 12 bar
Insulation: Glasswool
Covering: Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel
Electrical Heater: 2000 W
Corrosion Protection:
Hot Deep Galvanized & Cathodic Protection,Stainless Steel






BC Series Open Loop Boilers are designed to operate in warm geographic areas. Boilers are mostly used in areas where there is no risk of mains water freezing and the places where the mains water has no lime.


Because the BC Series boilers are pressurized there is no need for a second boiler. Thus a more esthetic view is achieved.


BC Series boilers are pressurized and can be directly connected to water mains thus the user has the advantage of having hot water at the pressure of mains water. In order to create a more comfortable use the boiler is equipped with a thermostat resistor for use in winter. In the winter time when there is no sun light thermostat resistor heats up the water in the boiler to the required temperature.




The boilers are coated with 80 - 100 µ zinc in order to achive rustproof and increase the useful life of the boilers. In addition to that BC series boilers are protected with magnesium anodes.


BC Series boilers are insulated with glasswool in order to prevent heat losses that may occur at the sides. Heat losses are prevented with the specially designed installation kit.


Boiler is open loop, becouse of that heat exchanger efficiency ratio is % 100.


The boiler can be installed in two different ways. The boiler can either be under or on the roof. Regardless of the way of the installation the system is installed in a very secure practical and easy way. Solareks installation kit has an installation compatability to any kind of roof.


Extra protective elements are used in the systems in order to increase the efficiency of the boiler and protect the boiler and to create a smooth use of hot water.


2 year

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